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IMPORTANT: This kit contains probiotics, see note to left. *

Plan S Accommodates: GI inflammation focused on cleaning old molecules of inflammation of corn, soy, gluten, and casein as well as supporting the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach, small and large intestine to improve the digestive process immediately and alleviate a burden from the system.

Systemic, whole body inflammation support that improves blood quality and the lymph system, preparing the system for easier GI cleansing.

Adrenal and liver support for improved cellular energy and metabolism and better energy throughout the program.

Anti-pathogenic support that addresses: bacterial overgrowth, biofilms, protozoa, heavy metals, environmental chemicals, excess and toxic estrogen, virus, fungus, yeast, and Candida. This plan includes a special focus on the upper G.I. tract microbiome.

Targeted 10-strain high potency probiotic support to re-colonize the gut-microbiome and inform the immune system, allowing it to continually build a healthier foundation. These will be incorporated carefully with this plan with specific timing that differs from the other plans.

Targeted support for healing leaky gut, improving immune function and autoimmune conditions, enhancing the gut-brain connection and protecting the body from future gut and immune issues. This phase also provides support for the nervous system, allowing for further adrenal healing (which supports gut-lining healing).

Hydrochloric acid support to balance stomach acid and support the body’s ability to kill future food-borne pathogens and to utilize adequate Vitamin B12 from food.