NEUROSYN (Neuro-Cognitive & Memory Support)

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Neurosyn by Systemic Formulas

Vit B6 (Pyridoxine-5- phosphate), Vit B1 (Sulbutiamine), Mangenese (Chelate),Zinc (Lipoate), Acetyl L-Carnitine; Alpha-GCP (Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline); Alpha Ketoglutarate; L-Tyrosine; N-Acetyl Cysteine; R-Alpha Lipoic Acid; N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine; DMAE Bitartrate; Propionyl L-Carnitine; Uridine-5′-Monophosphate; Noopept,  Phosphatidylserine (from Sunflower); Magnolia officinalis; Lycopodiopsida (Huperzine A1); Bacopa monnieri; Scutellaria lateriflora; Centella asiatica; Camellia sinensis (Green Tea EGCG); Ginkgo biloba; Polygala tenuifolia; Phellodendron amurense; Vinca minor (Vinpocetine); Gastrodia elata (Gastrodin), Gelatin, Leucine, Ascorbyl Palmitate and Silica

NOTE: Do not purchase this supplement until after Step 4 of Gut Thrive and only if at that time you are still suffering with bloating, constipation, and brain fog. Please make sure to download instructions for these formulas and read them carefully before taking.

Scientifically formulated to promote focus, cognition, neuroprotection and memory via nutritional modulation of neurotransmitter metabolism including acetylcholine, seratonin, and dopamine. NeuroSyn is an advanced, clinically-effective blend of Sceletium tortuosum, huperzine A, Gingko biloba, phosphatidyl serine, Alpha-GCP, theanine, green tea, for multidimensional support of neurological health. Research suggests that these natural ingredients may be able to cross the blood-brain barrier to beneficially influence neurotransmitter metabolism and provide antioxidant protection. Studies demonstrate that the nutritional and Herbalomic™ impact of these components have beneficial effects on brain-aging through their antioxidant and DNA-protective properties.


As with any medication, please keep this product away from children. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Alpha-GCP (Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) – a form of the B-lipid, choline, promotes immediate recall, reaction time, and good mood. Protects brain cell membranes. Helps the body counter cognitive decline, and neuro-denerative Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Helps the brain recover from injury.

Camilla sinensis – Provides Herbalomic™, epigenetic and antioxidant attributes of green tea. Cellular longevity.

L-Tyrosine – An amino acid essential for brain neurotransmitter production: norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine.

Scutellaria lateriflora – Blue Skullcap. Helps relax, relieve nervous tension, and alleviate brain fatigue. Increases brain performance and endurance.

Alpha Ketogluterate – supports the Kreb’s Cycle of cellular energy production, nitrogen transporter, and oxygen regulator. Antioxidant. Increases brain longevity.

Magnolia officinalis – A traditional Chinese botanical knows to exert a powerful and beneficial effect on preserving the brain’s acetylcholine, reducing cell death. Helps lower cortisol. Helps reduce amyloid plaque associated with Alzheimer’s.

Acetyl L Carnitine – Positively impacts the brain’s stress tolerance and metabolism of fat for energy. Anti-aging. Helps prevent toxins from impacting the brain. Helps peripheral neuropathy. Helps correct leptin hormone resistance. Helps the liver in hypothyroid cases.

Lycopodiopsida – Huperzine-A1. A fern that contains acetylcholineesterase-inhibitors thus serves as a nootropic or “smart nutrient” that helps with memory, motivation, intelligence-enhancement, and attention improvement.

Phosphatidyl Serine – Called a “brain food,” is a documented way to prevent brain-aging via fluidity of brain cell membranes.

Bacopa monnieri – Baobab tree fruit. Improves memory, brain function, and prevents mental disease. Boosts mood. Supports blood circulation and helps repair damaged neurons.

N-Acetyl Cysteine – Helps rid the neuro-system of harmful toxins, reduces brain inflammation, helps remove excessive glutamate in the brain. Helps regulate glucose metabolic function. Helps replenish gluthione.

Centella asiatica – Gotu Kola. Protects the brain from heavy metal exposure, reduces oxidative stress, protects nerve function. Reduces anxiety.

R Alpha Lipoic Acid – Protects against oxidative stress. The “R” form is biologically active. Reduces inflammation, free-radical scavenger, and supports mitochondrial function.

Ginko biloba – supports brain health and circulation. Improves memory processes. Protects against dementia.

Polygata tenuifolia – Yuan Zi in Chinese Medicine. Contains brain growth factors and brain cognition improvement factors via BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor).

DMAE Bitartrate – Dimethylaminoethanol. The real reason that fish is called “brain food.” Supports acetylcholine turnover rate. Research shows improvement for ADD and ADHD. Free radical scavenger.

Phellodendron amurense – Cork Tree. A Traditional Chinese Botanical. Helps preserve neuro-function. Antiinflammatory. Synergistic with Magnolia Officinalis to reduce anxiety.

Vinca minor – Vinpocetine. Supports circulation to the brain. Improves both long- and short-term memory. Enhances alertness. Protects brain cells from toxins. Prevents and reverses ischemic damage. Reduces arterial plaque.

Gasgrodia elata – Gastrodin. A Traditional Chinese Botanical. Mobilizes the brain’s innate neuro-protective functions. Improves neuro-signaling.

Noopept – A nootropic dipeptide heavily researched in Russia, supportive of memory retrieval and memory consolidation. Neuroprotective. Supports NGF (Nerve Growth Factors). Enhances color perception.